Debate at the Cambridge Union, 14th October 2010.

Speech by Matt O’Connor, Founder, Fathers 4 Justice.

Link :- Speech by Matt O’Connor, Founder, Fathers 4 Justice.

Good evening my name is Matt O’Connor and I am the founder of Fathers 4 Justice, otherwise known in social parlance as the ‘Men in Tights’. A bunch of guys who weren’t afraid to get in touch with their feminine side with a little cross-dressing in lycra.

Tonight on this side of the house the ladies will be talking ‘Vagina Monologues’, I’ll be ‘Talking Bollocks’, not for the first time according to some people…Ladies, men are not entirely useless. We are still useful for performing such functions as changing lightbulbs, lifting manhole covers, sperm donations, and lets face it boys, who else can do a genital origami? Men are uniquely qualified to perform the stage show “Puppetry of the Penis.”

On a more serious note, I was thinking a better name for the debate might be “What has feminism ever done for us?” Feminism was a noble idea, forged in the fires of civil disobedience. The Suffragettes fearlessly trailblazed the right for women to vote, demonstrated immense courage in the face of a hostile public.

I even copied the feminist movement , Fathers 4 Justice became the ‘suffragents’. We used purple as the colour of equality. The powder-bombing of then PM Tony Blair was based on the powder bombing of Bob Hope at the Miss World contest in 1970.

So is the work of Feminism just beginning?

Tonight I’m going to shoot down some sacred cows, break some taboos. I am going to swear and I am going to offend.

But I’d ask you to listen without prejudice, I’d ask you that debate tonight is not suffocated by a desire to close down the views of this token man, because in doing so it would only prove my argument that there is now a nasty and unpleasantly virulent strain of feminism at work in society today that treats opponents as heretics.

This debate isn’t about me, or them, or you. Its not about men v women. Its about our children. And if the political is personal, its about my three boys, Daniel, Alexander and Archie, because they are at risk from ideologically driven fanatics in society today.

In the last 30 years feminism has been hijacked by extremists. 100 years ago we lived in an oppressive, patriarchal society. But now the gender pendulum has swung to the other extreme. There is a new gender war being waged by a fanatical feminist Taliban.

We had the war of drugs. We had the war on terror. Now we have the war on fathers.

It’s logical that the first target of these extremists is fatherhood and the hated ‘patriarchy’ and 30 years of extremist indoctrination later, the consequences have been devastating.

An epidemic of mass fatherlessness.

The architects of this new gender apartheid are handbagging supremacists, practising a gender-driven form of ethnic cleansing, a scorched earth policy segregating fathers from the home and their children.

What started as a struggle for equality of women, has become an hysterical witch-hunt by those who are hunting fatherhood down like a lynch mob in a frenzied orgy of misandry.

Lets look at what has happened…silently, insidiously the government has removed the right of a father emotionally,
removed the right of a father legally and with the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill removes the need for a father biologically, by design, reducing 50% of the audience tonight to the role of sperm donor.

Because in the 21st century, fathers have become laboratory monkey’s. Designer babies are bred in hatcheries as feminists harness science to effect the redundancy of men by creating new ways of reproduction.

Half of you can fuck off now if this lot get their way.

Where fathers were once morally upstanding pillars of society and the glue of families, Feminists have transformed Britain into a country where mums are worshipped as madonnas and dads are demonised, ridiculed and marked as ‘disposable’. We are the villains of society.

25 years ago I campaigned against apartheid. We called it racism.
When we exposed prejudice against women. We called it sexism.

But when we expose prejudice against men we call humour.

Today’s dads have been turned into cashpoints by an ideology that says you can abandon your kids tomorrow, provided you pay. But surely child support should mean emotional AND financial support.

In fact child support legislation discriminates against fathers on the basis of gender stating ‘the mother shall be the parent with care, and the father the parent without after separation.’ Imagine if the roles were reversed?

But its ok for a woman like former Minister Claire Short can give a kid up for adoption. If a woman can abandon her responsibilities, why can’t a man?

Since the mid 80’s there has been an explosion in single mothers (In 1986, just 15 pre cent of single mothers with children under 13 had never married or cohabited, but by 2006 that proportion had increased to 57 per cent. lone motherhood is less a result of relationship breakdown, more a lifestyle choice. And the existence of state benefits as a source of economic security seems to be encouraging young mothers not to bother with male resident partners.)

Open family courts are now secret, 95% residencies go to mothers.

If that’s not an example of prejudice and discrimination, what is?

And don’t try bullshitting me that mothers have some god given right to a closer relationship with children that is superior to the bond between father and child. It is now understood, scientifically, that children develop the closest bonds with whoever their primary carer is, mother or father,

Don’t kid yourselves that these new single mums are independent. There’s a new daddy in town. That daddy is big brother, the supernanny state.

Where once it was men we were told, who were intrinsically promiscous, now women demand sex without strings and bring children into the world without a father as their human right whilst accumulating wealth from a hamster wheel of stupid white goods delivery men (boyfriends), Hi-def TV here, that OK darling?

Single parenting is the lifestyle choice de jour for mothers. Don’t believe me (expect trouble here).

73% of women instigate divorce.

57% of single mums make a deliberate choice to bring up their children without fathers (British Social Attitudes Survey 2006)

Still in denial? Log onto Amazon and read about it: Mothers By Choice, Buying Dad, Knock Yourself Up.

If this is the work of Feminism, and it is just beginning, then I am duty bound to bring this ideology crashing down around its ankles.

We don’t need agitation. We need defemination. (expect major problems).

The damage to society caused by feminism is a fucking blitzkrieg. Feminists have covertly practised a scorched earth policy driving men from families, driving men from social work, driving men from schools (nearly 90% teachers are women), driving competition from sports day and these are the results:

UNICEF report 2007, put Britain BOTTOM of a league for child well-being across 21 industrialised countries.

Highest rate of teen pregnancies in Western Europe.

An abortion epidemic because their first relationship with a man isn’t with their father, but is a sexual one with another man.

Highest rate of young offending in Western Europe, cost £13 billion.

An explosion in anti-social behaviour.

1 in 3 boys lives in a household without a father.

1 in 4 teenagers is now a criminal.

Cost to the country of family breakdown is £30 billion

All of which because children have been emotionally amputated from their fathers.

Boys forming gangs post puberty with surrogate male role models in the absence of their fathers.

1 in 3 teenagers carries a blade, “The bloody harvest of bullets and blades” I described in 2008

Greatest threat to London after terrorism is teen violence and family breakdown. Sir Ian Blair.
Why, why, why? Because of the ideologically driven removal of fathers by the state

Whilst dads are outcast, forced into secret courts to fight to see their children, mum can bring home the next Ian Huntley, Peter Sutcliffe or Ian Brady and no one bats an eyelid.

Where most child abuse according to the NSPCC is mother on child, not the other way round, (NSPCC 2000, 49% children abused in home and 40% by fathers.)

Where children like Victoria Climbie and Peter Conolly will never be protected until this feminist ideology is rejected:
the myth that risk is posed by fathers only.

This hysteria is part of the failure of feminism.

Consider this, the intrinsic link between feminism and welfare dependency. On this godforsaken field, bobbing around in the North Atlantic, we are farming a nation of cash cows, drip fed welfare junkies banging out sprogs on a carousel of transient fathers, coz kids = cash, dunnit?

Feminism is why you, students of today, will be paying extortionate tuition fees tomorrow, because our political aristocracy is terrified of cutting benefits to those women who have chosen single motherhood as a lifestyle choice
terrified because single mothers are the largest constituency of floating voters.

When instead we as a nation should be paying for what our country needs: affordable, higher education for all.

Where once women could tap dance their way through an Oxbridge degree, many of you will now have to lapdance through it.

That is the fraud of feminism.

Where once we had Chanel, we now have Chantelle.

Where once women’s role models were Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn.

We now have pneumatically enhanced role models like Jordan aka Katie Price and coke sniffing Mother of the Year Kerry Katona.

Prostitution is even respectable. Women copping off with footballers and then cashing in ala Belle de Jour. What once was the enslavement of women, is now their liberation. Congratulations, a landmark achievement.

And then there is the depraved spectacle of single mothers like Karen Matthews, seven children by 5 fathers, drugged her children and incarcerated her daughter.

Lets take a look at the poster girl for feminism, Osama Bin Harman, (Pic) leader the fanatical feminist Taliban, with her low flying pointy hat friends and their plans for global domination.

When she was Minister for Equality, happy to struggle for women. But not for men. Nice people, very family friendly. Check out her collegue Caroline Flint who said ‘We are considering whether the need for father is something we need to have.’ Really?

If these ladies had there way, I’d be shipped off for my lady boy op to return as MANGINA, (loving you long time Harriet.)

But you know, they can’t have it both ways. After 30 years of militant feminism, Harriet keeps playing the victim card and its a routine that’s wearing very thin. I’m just not buying it.

Equally I’m not buying into a long, dark, humourless future who believe feminism, like most kinds of isms is a good thing. Feminism, like extremism or fascism, is in my book, a very bad thing.

These Female supremacists don’t want to walk hand in hand with me into a future of equality, but rather walk over my svelte physique, skewering my toned muscle with their 6 inch Manolo Blahnik’s.

Then there is the disfigured face of feminism: the grotesque collision between feminism and narcissism, all fake tan and no man.

Designer handbag first, a designer face next, followed by designer baby – a child deliberately deprived of a father. The ultimate consumer good, a child designed in your own effigy.

Then there is the future of feminism: when you enter the world of work, every man here will find you can’t tell a joke, you’ll fear discussing your opinions, where every word is policed and subject to censorship.

If a woman wants a three way with two guys, she’s a self aware, strong individual openly expressing her sexual desires and fulfilling her carnal needs. If a man does it he’s called Russell Brand. Or a rapist.

9 months later the Child Support Police might be knocking on your door. You’ll be removed from your children. Your property confiscated. If you try calling your kids you’ll face trial for harassment. If you try seeing your kids you’ll receive a non-molestation order. Your crime? Being a father. In this hysterical, Salem like Witch Hunt, being a man is the ultimate sex-crime.

Then there is the relationship between Feminism and the Secret Family Courts.

Childs Best interests principle hijacked to mean the mothers best interests (though not always).

Most fraudulent claim in history of British Justice because nobody has kept any outcomes on the records for children to prove it.

Greatest cover up in the history of British Justice.

The biggest child abuse scandal in the history of our country.

Feminists have used the courts as a weapons of family destruction.

Then there is Feminism: The Final Failure. The myth finally collapses…

Men alone were supposed to be the aggressors, but now women and girls are to blame for 1 in 4 violent attacks. Violent crime by women risen by 81% in a decade, murders have doubled, common assault up by 151%, women are more predatory sexually. These women make unlikely victims.

They can’t have it both ways, playing the victim card, pretending to be an oppressed minority whilst waging a vicious, hateful, gender war.

Finally there is the Legacy of Feminism.

The journey from oppressed to oppressor is a familiar one.

Feminism is a perversion of the course of natural justice. It trashes lives, destroys childhoods, tears families apart and pitches parent against parent in a gender war.

It criminalises fathers and suffocates you under a blanket of hysteria and censorship. It is like being buried alive. It has created a tax system that brutally discriminates against two parent households.

It has engaged in the social butchering of families because feminists believe they are patriarchal regardless of the damage this does to our children and they have created a new insidious gender apartheid.

In it’s wake it has left a tsunami of dysfunctional children.

Years of scaremongering and anti-male propaganda have neutered the response of fathers, but not this father I can tell you.

The voice of fathers has been smothered by prejudice and bigotry. We have been socially castrated because we are too frightened to speak out against feminism. It is the ultimate heresy, it is taboo to attack the feminist mothership.

Which is why the Politicians and Church are running scared, cocks between their legs, haunted by a patriarchal past and the vengeance being sought by extremists.

As Alice Thomson said in the Times this week, You can be a terrible wife, a hopeless employee and a feckless daughter but if you are fertile and producing, you are the toast of politicians because you are the largest constituency of floating voters.

Dads don’t stand a chance against Britain’s 8 million Madonna Mums who have, over the past few years, reached mythical status. Witness Mumsnet.

I oppose prejudice and discrimination in all its forms.

For those of you who might still think there is no prejudice or bias against men, conduct this simple test: Wherever you read or hear a feminist author, substitute the words black and homosexual in place of the word ‘men.’ Then see if you can stomach what has been written.

Feminism isn’t about empowerment. It’s about control. Divide / Conquer / Rule. That isn’t social justice, that’s suppression, oppression and the end of freedom of expression.

Worse the zealots and dark arts masters that claimed that husbands and fathers posed the greatest risk to children did so knowing that all the time they were putting children like Victoria Climbie, Baby P and thousands of others at greater risk.

That the 1,000 children a week who lose contact with their fathers do so because of the nasty, vicious, bitter invective of feminists with a score to settle who are every bit as despicable as the misogynists who mirror their hatred on the other side.

Extreme Feminism should come with a public health warning. It is a lethal virus, the original Avian flu.

It damages our children. It deprives children of the love and discipline of one side of their family. It breaks them, makes them emotional amputees, severed from one half of their family for no good reason other than the sick ideological wet dream of the vengeful parent.

“It is easier to build a strong child, than it is repair a broken man.”

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to live in a world of hatred and yet that is the currency of fanatical feminism. As I always say in F4J “Never hate your ex, more than you love your child.”

The warped logic of the fanatics that says all men are inherently violent and all women are at risk, ultimately diverts resources away from the women who need it most. Ours is a world where women still face appalling violence and prejudice including rape, HIV and AIDS infection, gang rape, sexual exploitation, abduction and trafficking, genital mutilation, forced marriage and forced pregnancy all over the world, to name just some of the challenges.

The paradox is that as we experience an increase in extreme feminism, in the developing world, we see an increase in extreme patriarchy.

We can only overcome these extremes through a message of love not hate, of hope not despair, of rebuilding family relationships through respect, forgiveness, love, compassion and education.

I pray that my three boys will not be judged on the basis of their gender. Because 50% of my ancestors were women and 50% of ALL women’s ancestors were men.

We need an antidote, a cure. That pill is called equality. Equality of pay. Equality of opportunity. Equality of parenting.

Let us end this gender war and create a future for our children that celebrates both men and women, mothers and fathers, together as equals.

If that means confronting extremism in all its forms, if it means an end to Feminism and the beginning of new future based on equality, then so be it.