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SECRET FAMILY COURTS  and their attempts at plugging every information gap that might leak out  and enlighten the public to just what is going on in our society.  

Unless you are a man or woman, yes and it does happen to absent mothers too, embroiled in one of these bitter Family Court wars you will have absolutely no idea just what its like or just how powerful and protective these UK Family Courts are in their attempts to cover up just how corrupt, bias and blatantly sexist they really are.

Unless you have been on the receiving end then you will be oblivious and be under the illusion that we live in a just and fair society. “WRONG” and I know. Before we go any further and because of a gagging order that seems to evolve into a more restrictive / constrictive  rubber gagging band wrapped around my mouth to keep me quiet by the hour, I hav to talk in the third person to avoid braking that order. Only tonight did my favorite court bailiff knock on my door again and slap a further injunction in my hand extending my writing not only to the internet but to any form of communication. Bye the way its important to say, that my favorite bailiff has offered to take me out for a pint as he is very pleased at the fees he has earned from the court delivering the Family Court affidavits to me. I will take him up on his offer after all its not his fault.  

Yes, by now I hope you have realised that the Family Court system has the power to restrict information leaking from the court room into the public domain. Does that sound like a democratic open society to you? I don’t think so!

They say its in the best interest of the children or thats what they hide behind. Bullshit!  Sorry getting emotional again, must try to control my emotions when talking about the grief I feel and the grief I know my children must feel having lost into oblivion their loving father.

Answer a question in your own conscience. When a parent dies the people left behind need and should have some sort of councelling. Especially the children, when children are involved.   Agreed?  So why are children in Family Court proceedings left to their own devices and grief when a father just disappears from their lives. Because it happens, it has happened. The second part of the question is, what is worse? why do Family Courts have the secret power to prevent a father from seeing his children and the power and neglect to allow those children information that their loving father is fighting tooth and nail to be able to see his children.

The answer to me is that this is quite simply “State Sponsored Child Abuse secretly and tightly controlled so that the public cant find out.

How can this be right? I know that if I carry on writing my blog even in the third person I will eventually be imprisoned for highlighting this issue and when it happens you will know about it because I know I am not alone.  As a born again Christian I know that God is there for me, my family are there for me and thousands of like effected fathers are there for each other.  God gave his life so that I may be forgiven, people have made all sorts of grave sacrifices throughout history to stand up for what they believe is right or wrong in their lives. So I too will be standing up for what I believe in regardless of the consequences. There is nothing more important to a father than the welfare of his children.

Freedom of speech, communication and freedom of thought are Human Rights under both the UK and European Human Rights Acts and I intend to defend myself.

Every action has a counter reaction somewhere in the world. Its a scientific fact that if a butterfly flaps its wings in Stoke on Trent there is an equal and opposite reaction somewhere on the other side of the world. So every time a father is oppressed and it is recorded, a son or and daughter somewhere will eventually understand the truth and what that father went through to fight for his children against the oppressors, whether it be state sponsored corruption  or maternal spitefulness. Then they make their own minds up as to who was right and who was wrong.


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