I miss my children so much. Anyone how thinks this is right is as evil as they (The UK Family Courts) are. When will they listen? I miss you guys. This is not what I want for you both.

Is this in the best interest of the child? REALLY!!!!


1). 4 million children living without a father in the UK.

2). In the UK Fathers have no rights to see their children after separation.


Direct Quotes

1). For some reason everyone was against my DAD and I have no idea why.

2). My mum stopped me seeing my DAD

3).  I felt like a part of me was missing.

4). I want to live with my DAD but they didn’t listen to me once.

5). No one ever listened to anything I said.

6). Over 7 years I was told my DAD was evil.

7). I’m not allowed to see my brothers.

8). He’s my DAD and I love him.

9). I felt invisable

10). It angers me to know I was made to believe my DAD was evil for so long.

11). If you are not 15 or older you are not going to be listened too.

12). If I just died everything would be so much easier so much happier.

13). There was nothing I could do to stop what was happening to me and my DAD.

14). The law has to be changed. Children should be allowed to live with both parents. I miss my DAD so much.

Is this really what we should be doing to our kids. Any woman or man for that case who thinks this is right, is inhuman. Any government that condones this is not working for the people or the best interest of the people but are evil to their core.