Father-Less Christmas

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After a protest inBelfast and the gatecrashing of Cafcass management party inNewcastle, Rffj activists ramp up the action against a failing family justice system, this time targeting family courts in a lockout in Newton Aycliffe.  

Rffj spokesman Mike Kelly said “Thousands of children will wake up on Christmas morning and will face opening gifts in a fatherless household this year”

“They will be denied access to half of their family, cousins, uncles, aunties and paternal grandparents”

“Whilst you lift your glass of wine to toast prosperity in 2011 surrounded by your loving family, spare a thought for the countless children denied access to their fathers this year”

“Members tell us that they are waiting longer for family court proceedings, having Christmas holiday contact hearings put back until nearer Easter, having Cafcass reports delayed by 6 months or more”

“The family justice is system is falling apart to the detriment of our children’s happiness, and is in desperate need of radical reform”

“Newton Aycliffe family court staff will be reminded of that when they turn up for work this morning, as Rffj activists have chained up the front entrance”

“We call on the family justice review panel to recommend the legal presumption of shared parenting after separation where both parents are fit”.

“The protests will continue into 2011, too many suffer injustice in our secretive family courts”. 

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