To millions of viewers he’s the crazy Brazilian figure of fun, the Romeo from Rio – and the man who has set X Factor on fire.  
Yet behind the scenes, Wagner Carrilho is in utter torment, fighting a daily personal battle at being estranged from his beloved three-year-old son Cassius. While the acts this week visit their home towns to see their families, Wagner knows he has no chance of getting a hug from the one person in the world he desperately wants to see.

“That boy is Wagner’s absolute reason for being out there and doing what he’s doing. The only reason he wants to make money is so he can give him the best life he can,” said Wagner’s best friend Ian Fleming.

The heartbroken 54-year-old has had no contact with Cassius for several months, amid a bitter fall-out with the boy’s mother, Jenny Yawari.



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And as the show has continued, Wagner’s desperation over not being able to see Cassius has escalated. And in a further blow, Jenny has told the Sunday Mirror that his son has been watching X Factor… but no longer recognises his father.

Jenny, 36, who has re-married and lives in the West Midlands, said: “Cassius watches X Factor, but he’s too young to understand who his dad is.” She claimed: “Things are very difficult, because I’ve had trouble with him coming to the house.

“I don’t want to say anything that might jeopardise the situation.

“I just want to protect my kids.”