Throughout history men have had to take a stand against things they believe in. Whether it was a war they didn’t believe in, an oppressor they couldn’t live with or a law they didn’t believe in. The one thing I know as a modern man is that there is one thing that is right at the top of priorities, number one on the list of things a man will always lay his life down for and thats his children.  

We will protect them from any danger and fight for them until the death. I for one will never give up regardless of what the state sponsored child abusers (the courts and its officers) will care to throw at me. Lock me up, hold me down but don’t expect me to ever ever give up shouting the truth. Its only a matter of time for us all before the ones that we fight for will read and realise the truth and payment will be awarded to those that thought they could come between a man and his children.